Who are we?

First of all, we are cool people living with passion :) Our passion is, of course, diving and we have been doing it professionally since 2003.

Over the years, we have trained several hundred people to various diving levels, dived with even more certified people, sailed thousands of miles to our dive sites and bubbled out millions of liters of air.

The most important thing to us has always been and always will be your safety. This is also why in our entire 20-year history, we have never had any diving accidents at our dive center and we hope that this will never change :)

A good atmosphere is equally important to us, which is why we treat our guests as friends - with respect, but in a relaxed way and with humor. There are always good vibes here :).

Our home all these years has been the picturesque island of Brač located in central Dalmatia, one of the most beautiful regions of Croatia. From this year, however, we invite you to a completely new place - after 20 years in Supetar, we moved to Sutivan - one of the nicest towns on the island.



Maciej Bak

NAUI Instructor

Diving is half of his life - literally. The other half is motorcycles and auto-moto in general.

If you visit us as a certified diver, he will show you the coolest diving spots in the area.

He always stays alert like a dragonfly, he sees everything under water.

He likes it when others respect safety rules as he does.

Privately, he loves traveling, preferably on a motorcycle. He enjoys cooking and eating in good company.

He appreciates a sense of humor and self-distance in people, exactly the features he lacks :)



Elzbieta Rucinska


PADI, NAUI Instuctor


Diving is her whole life, well almost, because she also likes animals - mainly cats and dogs. Ela loves working with children and training novices. She is "angel like" patient and has a great approach to training. She is a specialist in difficult cases.

But don't let this sweet description fool you. If you come to us for an internship or Divemaster course, you will definitely get a kick out of it. But you will get there :)

Privately, she likes traveling near and far, making dumplings, yoga classes and Depeche Mode concerts :)