Who we are

Our Dive Center story started in 2003.

Since that time we changed the location of our base 3 times, used 4 boats, trained approximately 700 Open Water Divers and the same number of other levels and specialties, met and dove with 4000 already certified divers and showed the beauty of Underwater World to thousands of beginners during Intro dives.

We bubbled out about 80.000.000 liters of air and gas mixtures and traveled about 30.000 km to get to our best dive sites – all of this, thanks to YOU and for YOU, our dear diving friends.

Be a part of that story and come to dive with us!



open water and specialty divers



certified divers



liters of air and gas mixtures


You can find us in Supetar, at Waterman Svpetrvs Resort Hotel – a beautiful family resort located on the beach, on the west side of the town.

We have a swimming pool for the courses, home reef at the beach, a teaching room, chill out zone and a drying room where you can leave your equipment for the time of your stay.

We use BAUER and TRIDENT compressors with a capacity of 500 liters/hour to fill up the dive tanks. Our top brands’ dive gear like Cressi, Apeks, Bare and Scubatech is always up to date and well maintained for your safety and comfort. We usually use 12 and 15 liters steel tanks but we have some smaller ones available when needed.

We are not a million euro diving company serving hundreds of divers a day, however, during high season we are really busy and the dive center gets quite crowded.

It is really important for us to have close and direct contact with our guests.

We believe in the simple philosophy of “being yourself”. This helps us to keep high standards of service and safety in a good, friendly atmosphere.

For all these years, we never had a diving accident but we made a lot of friends from all over the world. For both – thank you people :)

Working hours: Mo - Su 7.30h - 18.00h

Working time: March - October

Put Vela Luke 4, 21400 Supetar, Croatia

Our Team


He who rules

With FDC from the very beginning. Even though he is not an instructor (as he says – “if I would be an instructor, I would have to fire all of you guys ”) he is the one that keeps this Dive Center operating. Shortly speaking – the boss.


PADI & NAUI Instructor

With us since 2011. As the DC MANAGER Ela is responsible for everything that happens in the Dive Centre on a daily basis. Being a tough and incredibly hard working girl, she is taking care of our internship staff, often encouraging everyone in the Dive Centre to give and do more, than one could expect himself to give and do. Kids love her and she loves to work with kids as well. She will probably teach you perfect buoyancy without you even